Software Engineering

We are web design and development specialists and love creating innovative, interactive, and functional web interfaces for our diverse client base.

Although we can do infinite things for your website, we don’t deviate from the main goal and make sure that it works well for you at the end of the day.

Whether that’s showcasing your products and/or services to prospects or converting them into clients, we help to make your website and business stand out from the rest.

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Digital Marketing

At Infinity Soft Systems, we are all about technology and continuously think about how we can blend it with effective marketing to reach your goals.

We are experts in online marketing campaigns and exposing your business to the latest and highest revenue-generating channels.

Whether it’s a social, web, or mobile application, we operate on the channels that will reach your markets and combine them with our conversion-happy design to transform your leads into profits.

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Cloud Solutions

We leverage our deep expertise in cloud & DevOps to help you define, execute, and manage your cloud journey.

Our expert consulting, migration, 24×7 managed services, cost optimisation, etc. automate the delivery pipeline and make the overall process smooth and efficient.

Not to forget a careful assessment of the current tech stack and business requirements to create a world-class cloud adoption roadmap with minimal risk.

Companies from all over the globe are trusting us with their requirements inspiring us to broaden our international vision.

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Mobile/Web Application

We are redefining the mobile/web app design industry by creating a superior user experience. Our applications are not just products for our clients but end-to-end solutions to help them make the most of their investments.

We have a dedicated and skilled team of mobile/web app engineers who have created numerous robust and secure apps for businesses of all sizes making us one of India’s leading mobile/web app development firms.

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Our Services

From WordPress to SEO to Cloud DevOps, we make sure that you don’t have to juggle multiple companies for different requirements.


Technology has been our passion from the beginning, thanks to its ability to transform and make lives easier. But the real story began when we channelled this passion to transform businesses in our industry.

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Is any doubt boggling your mind? No worries, get all your answers here, or just connect with us via phone or email.

Infinity lets you focus on your core business while they take charge of your development tasks. You have a team of highly skilled professionals taking the complete ownership of the development which not only add value to your business but also save you a fortune both on cost and time.

Here are a few reasons you should hire an IT outsourcing company over freelancers- Having a team instead of an individual will ensure the back-up of resources and data and will help you have options if you are not satisfied with the existing developer/developers. You get signed contracts, data security and code ownership assurance through NDA's. A dedicated Account/Project Manager is aligned with you even if you are working with one dedicated resource.

Indians are highly skilled, flexible and hardworking; therefore, India has become a go-to market place for a pool of highly skilled software developers who are available at affordable prices. And since the competition in India is very high, everyone thrives for excellence. Indian government lends its' full support to IT outsourcing companies by making friendly and liberal policies which make it a preferred place for global clients.

There are a few parameters you can focus: Technical expertise and experience of the team. Coding standards and quality they maintain. Cross over hours for daily communication. The complexity of the projects delivered in the past.

If you are having any kind of complications with your software products, decision making, or having issues while looking for the right technologies for your products, then you can approach us. We are the best IT / Technology consulting firm, providing consultation and excellence to our global clients from the last 15+ years.

Yes, we do, whenever required. We can set up a meeting to initial requirements gathering, final implementation or other crucial points. In these cases, our team can work onsite at pre-decided rates. Also, our business development team's offices are in Texas and Australia. So at any point in time, you can visit our teams in these locations as well.

Infinity Soft Systems is fully committed to Data Security and is ISO 27001:2013 (ISMS - Information Security Management Systems) certified.We hire full-time employees. There are no part-timers or contractors. 24x7 physical office security, external storage devices aren't allowed, strict upload monitoring on our networks. Infinity Soft Systems signs proper Agreement with confidentiality clauses. All employees must sign confidentiality contracts at the time of their joining.

Infinity soft systems follow the following standard principles: t is mandatory to share the daily and weekly status report with the clients.The client can track their projects on a real-time basis through project management tools like JIRA, Wrike, etc. and other tracking tools like Time Doctor.Various reports are shared at regular intervals to keep the client well informed.

Like most of the Indian software development outsourcing companies, we also deal in different time zones. Here's how we do it- A minimum of four hours of overlap hours is mandatory to follow by every developer. Daily two-time communication for sharing updates with the client is mandatory. Daily huddle and a weekly meeting are mandatory to follow. We have expertise in using different project management tools like Jira, Trello, Teamwork, Monday, Proofhub, Basecamp, Wrike etc.

Yes. In most of the cases project can be initiated once the scope is finalized. No additional cost is involved.

Code comments and proper documentation It is mandatory to define different sections of the code by segmenting blocks of code into a paragraph. We make use of indentation for indicating the start and end of the control structures. We ensure that there should be consistency in the naming convention of the variables. We name the functions according to what the outcome going to be when the function is called. The code should be written in such a way that one should be able to understand. We follow a universal code commenting process. We avoid commenting on the obvious things. We avoid deep nesting structure.

Infinity Soft Systems signs proper Agreement with confidentiality clauses All employees must sign confidentiality contracts at the time of their joining Infinity Soft Systems is open to keep the source code base at the client's end (on need basis). Engineers can work via VPN and/or remote desktop (if required).

Minutes of the meeting are mandatory to share after every meeting. Daily huddle and Weekly meetings are mandatory. We follow a minimum of four-hour cross over time with all of our clients irrespective of the geographical location/

Every client has a plan of investing a particular amount of money on their project, whether it is an ongoing project or one-time development. Infinity soft systems provide multiple business models. Dedicated developer or team – This is model has given excellent outcome to the clients who are looking for highly skilled developers to focus dedicatedly on their projects. Hourly model- This model is favourable for the clients who have short projects or are looking for ongoing support or enhancement. Whenever the client has a budget, they buy hours and get their work done. Fixed price- If you have a defined scope of work or well-planned project, then the fixed cost model fits in.

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We are driven by quality, performance, and ethics.

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