Chatbot for a Travel Domain

Business challenges:

No customer service representative wants to answer the same question a hundred times a day. No sales representative wants to talk to people who aren’t going to buy. One of our Client from Melbourne Australia was facing the same situation, which has become a day to day activity. As a leading organization, they can’t afford to let either of those scenarios be a roadblock in their expansion process.
Another challenge was the inflow of user queries which needs to be handled flawlessly. The approximate annual questions have been counted to 7 million. It’s worth noting that the majority of those requests are mostly identical or related to a particular topic – e.g. reservations or background information. Therefore, the Client decided to develop a chatbot application that would answer typical questions and reduce both the working time and costs of the support team.

Our solution:

Our solution:

  • Chatbots allowed a two-person team to stay on top of support and sales
  • Popular customer questions provided content ideas and eventually prewritten responses

Specific features:

Chatbots with advanced AI provide site visitors with a “self-service” option.

Business benefits:

  • 90% return on investment
  • Increased bookings by 35%
  • Our Client Saved $200,000 in customer service expenses in a year
  • Over 7,000,000 questions answered every year
  • Bookings through chatbots generate 35% more revenue

Other Information:

Region: USA
Industry: Tourism, Travel
Type: Website and Mobile Platform
Engagement model: Fixed cost
Duration: 12 Weeks
Staff: 3 person
Technologies: Laravel, React.JS, React Native, PHP