Customer Relationship Management System

Type: Website and Mobile Application Development


The customer wanted a dedicated team of DOT NET developers to develop a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. The main requirement of the software is to provide insights on client customers, prospects and suppliers which can be used to identify pain points, improve processes, sell more and build customer loyalty.
The primary goal of building the CRM is to improve and expand a customer lifecycle, by enhancing relationships, adapting customer retention strategies and driving sales growth. The goal is to achieve:

  • reduce customer service related expenses by 30%
  • Assess and resolve 85% of customer-related issues through online assistance
  • Improve communications with its community
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction index


The most critical scenario was data security and handling the bulk of complex data in one go, followed by the response time.


Our developers found an original and effective solution: to make data undergo pre-processing in the night time. Optimised data is then made available to users for quick use in the daytime.


A genuinely worthwhile CRM system is extendable and customisable enough to overcome any business challenge as your company evolves. The ideal system has helped our client to find more customers, win more deals, keep customers happier, and connect their entire company — priming small business for big-time growth.

Other Information:

Region: Worldwide
Industry: Banking and Financial Services
Type: Website and Mobile Application Platform
Engagement model: Dedicated team
Duration: Three years for the development of two versions, and Version three is in progress.
Staff: Nine developers, one technical manager, one solution architect.
Platforms: SaaS
Technologies: ASP.NET, Angular.JS, MS SQL, Dockers, Microservices.